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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dekalb County Sheriff’s Deputy Fired, TN

The sheriff said Deputy David Sharp had sex with a woman he was supposed to be arresting.

This deputy had been with the department for more than two years and had a spotless record as well. That spotless record changed Friday night.

The deputy, who's 36 years old, admitted he made a big mistake. The mistake he made could bring criminal charges against him.

Deputy David Sharp was serving arrest warrants this past Friday night. When Sharp went to the victim's home, off Short Mountain Highway, he noticed marijuana.

The deputy told the victim if she would perform a sex act, that he would not charge her with the drugs, and he would not make her probation officer aware of the drug use.

The victim then told Dekalb County Sheriff's officials what happened.

The Dekalb County Sheriff said it’s difficult to believe something like this happened. However, the Sheriff said the evidence they have shows what happened.

The evidence the victim brought to the department was her shirt, with the Deputy's semen on it. Deputy Sharp also admitted to what happened.

“Based on what we found, I felt I had no choice but to terminate him,” Sheriff Lloyd Emmons said.

Now there could be criminal charges filed against David Sharp. The District Attorney is looking into that.

In the most favourable light, it's official misconduct. At the worst, it could be rape by an authority figure.” Sheriff Emmons said.


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