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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gov. Deems Medical Marijuana Bill 'Unwise'


St. Paul - Gov. Tim Pawlenty said Tuesday he doesn't approve of a bill to legalize marijuana for limited medical use.

The Republican governor said it's not medically necessary. "I think it is an unneeded and unwise proposal," Pawlenty said.

Pawlenty's comments came about an hour after medical marijuana backers held a news conference urging Republican lawmakers to support the bill, which awaits a vote on the Senate floor but hasn't made it out of committee in the GOP-led House.

The legislation would allow registered patients to buy and use small quantities of marijuana as part of their treatment. Several people suffering from cancer and other conditions spoke at the news conference, saying the drug helped them overcome nausea and withstand harsh regimens such as chemotherapy.

"My doctor and I agree that marijuana works for me," said Don Haumant, a Minneapolis man who suffers from advanced liver disease and previously used marijuana as a registered patient in California, where the practice is legal.


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