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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Plane to join drug fight

Los Angeles Daily News, CA

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - In use tracking insurgents in the Middle East, the unmanned Global Hawk reconnaissance aircraft proved in a test demonstration it also can track drug runners.

In tests mandated by Congress, the Global Hawk showed it could track low-flying aircraft and small boats in demonstration flights along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, Northrop Grumman announced Monday.

Three 28-hour flights, originating from Edwards Air Force Base, were conducted in February and March, officials from Northrop Grumman said.

"This exercise demonstrated how the Global Hawk system could assist military combatant commanders and homeland security officials to stem the flow of illegal drug trafficking in the air and on the water," said James Kohn, Northrop Grumman's program manager for the demonstration.


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