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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To Being High On Job

CLEVELAND -- A man who said he had only had apple juice on the rocks pleads guilty in court to drug abuse charges.

Emil Grandbouche was accused of being high on marijuana while on the job pleaded guilty, NewsChannel5 reported.

In June, students at Perkins Middle School told a guard that they thought Grandbouche was drinking. At the time, Brandbouche said he only had apple juice on the rocks and blamed his shoes for failing a sobriety test.

Police searched his backpack and found a half-smoked marijuana cigarette.

Grandbouche was with the Akron School District for 15 years. He also had a clean record before this incident.

Akron Municipal Judge Alison McCarty ordered him to pay a $150 plus court costs.

He also must write a 400-word essay on the effects of marijuana on the body.


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