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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Famed hacker felled by the flu


BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) -- This Andean highlands capital has twice felled famed hacker and security consultant Kevin Mitnick.

"I'm looking forward to getting on the first plane to the United States," Mitnick, 42, said Wednesday from his hospital room in the Colombian capital, where he said he'd been laid up for about three days with a bad flu.

On a separate visit back in May, the author of "The Art of Intrusion" and "The Art of Deception" said, he spent a day in the hospital for tests after experiencing chest pains and elevated blood pressure.

Mitnick blamed Bogota's 8,700-foot (2,650-meter) elevation and a prescription drug he was taking for that trip to the hospital.

This time it was simply a nasty flu, accompanied by a fever reaching 40 degrees centigrade (104 degrees Fahrenheit), that prevented Mitnick from attending a big weekend hacker's conference in New York.

Loretta Nall in Bogota, Colombia


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