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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Troopers, deputies seize marijuana plants in three counties, AL
The Associated Press

OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) — State troopers and sheriff's deputies destroyed dozens of marijuana plants this week in Lee, Tallapoosa and Chambers counties.

Authorities said the illegal crops were spotted yesterday and Monday by an Army National Guard Blackhawk helicopter. Officers uprooted 50 plants in Lee County; 20 plants in Tallapoosa County; and another 50 in Chambers County.

No arrests were made.

Trooper Donald Frazier, a spokesman, said the Alabama Bureau of Investigation's marijuana eradication program has destroyed 28,000 plants in the state's 67 counties since January. He said in 2005, the A-B-I seized more than 92,000 pot plants.

Overall, Alabama ranked seventh in the nation in the number of marijuana plants seized last year.

WTVM reporter gets to ride in the blackhawk. Note: This article featured video of the reporter and camera man riding in the blackhawk but now the video is gone and mention of the trip has been erased. Maybe someone didn't want the general public to catch on to the fact that their property was being searched without a warrant.


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