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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Morales calls drug-war certification `blackmail'

Miami Herald, FL

LA PAZ - President Evo Morales on Monday described as blackmail the U.S. policy of drug certification that evaluates the cooperation of foreign countries.

''We need international cooperation that's unconditional, without blackmail,'' Morales said as he marked the 19th anniversary of Bolivia's Special Drug Fighting Force.

The remarks came one day after Vice President Alvaro GarcĂ­a Linera wrapped up a trip to Washington to try to persuade the U.S. Congress to extend a preferential trade pact set to expire at the end of the year.

The pact, called the Andean Trade Promotion and Drug Eradication Act, was meant to reward Andean countries, including Bolivia, for their cooperation in the drug war.

Congress is unlikely to renew the act because the U.S. government favors individual free trade agreements with countries in the region.


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