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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Greenfield man rolls pro-pot ideas into mock plants

Eyewitness News, RI

GREENFIELD, Mass. A Greenfield man is turning his pro-marijuana activism and business savvy into a growing operation.
But don't worry, Joseph White's home-grown stash won't get you high.

During the past two years, White's start-up company has been selling make-believe pot plants online.

The lifelike botanicals are made of silk and wood.

White won't say whether he smokes pot or has in the past. But he began pushing for marijuana legalization about seven years.

By getting his artificial plants into private residences and public spaces, White is betting that more people will start appreciating the natural beauty of the real thing's jagged, seven-point leaves, instead of thinking of marijuana as evil.

He's even getting attention from Hollywood, where directors have purchased his product when they needed realistic-looking weed for movies.



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