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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sheriff's Officer Charged With Molesting Inmate

North Country Gazette, NY

YULEE, FLA---An officer with the Nassau County Sheriff's office has been charged with molesting an inmate in the department's evidence room.

Authorities say Jarrett Wade Hodges, 36, allegedly asked a 24-year-old male inmate into the evidence room, grabbed him and fondled him, offering to perform oral sex on him.

Hodges has been charged with official misconduct, tampering with evidence, battery and unnatural and lascivious acts and is being held on $100,000 bond.

Reports indicate that Hodges was allegedly playing pornographic tapes during the incident and told the prisoner if he didn't cooperate, he would get in trouble. A pornographic video was found in the evidence room and Hodges admitted to touching the inmate improperly.

The inmate was wired with a microphone and recorded the incident.

When confronted, Hodges submitted his letter of resignation. Upon questioning, he admitted that the incident was not his first with an inmate.


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