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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Program aimed at breaking link leading to meth production

By Jamon Smith
Dateline Alabama, AL

TUSCALOOSA | The West Alabama Narcotics Task Force is stepping up its efforts in the burgeoning war against the near-epidemic outbreak of methamphetamine with the introduction of new program called Meth Watch.

“Meth Watch is a program we’re starting that’ll network the Task Force and every business that participates in the program with us together by a fax machine system," said Capt. Jeff Snyder, commander of the task force.

“How it works is, whenever someone buys a product that has an active ingredient that can be used to make methamphetamine, that person’s information as well as the amount of the product they bought will be faxed to us and every other business in the network," Snyder said.

Snyder said the Meth Watch program would help the Task Force and participating area businesses that carry products that contain ingredients used in making methamphetamine to keep track of who is buying what products and how much a person is buying.

“We have a lot of stores in Tuscaloosa that sell the chemicals needed to make meth," he said. “A lot of other counties don’t sell this stuff, so we have people coming in from all over to buy these products here."

“So if we got the stores here participating in Meth Watch, we could strike a tremendous blow in the fight against meth," he said.

Products such as Sudafed, Drano, any type of sinus tablets that contain pseudoephedrine, Acetone, carburetor cleaners, iodine, drain cleaners, denatured alcohol and red phosphorous such as from matches can all be used to make methamphetamine once the right chemicals are extracted and combined, Snyder said.


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