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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Review board clears SWAT after shooting Capshaw man

By Seth Burkett
The Decatur Daily, AL

HUNTSVILLE — Huntsville Police Chief Rex Reynolds concurred Wednesday with a review board's findings that SWAT team members acted "in policy" when they shot a Capshaw man several times during a raid on his home.

The incident review board met Tuesday morning to examine evidence and hear testimony surrounding the June 27 shooting of 50-year-old Kenneth Wayne Jamar, said police spokesman Wendell Johnson.

Blakely said he considered the search lawful despite a typographical error on the search warrant, which listed the address of Jerome Wallace's father rather than Jamar's address, Blakely said.

Invading the wrong home and murdering an innocent invalid is "in policy"?
Use the above link to read the entire article and see how the drug warriors explain that even though it was the wrong home, it was, in fact, somehow the right home.
I believe the police should enter a home only when they have reason to believe someone's life is in immediate danger. Other than that a home invasion is a despicable act that should not be tolerated in civilized society.


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