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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Bush to Assess War on Drugs in Colombia

Eco Damage in Colombia Posted by Hello

Under the program, a massive aerial fumigation program has reduced by 30 percent the cultivation of coca, the main ingredient in cocaine.

No it hasn't. Coca farmers have simply moved deeper into the Amazon rainforest where they are harder to detect. Also, coca production has risen in Bolivia and Peru.

Scores of drug traffickers have also been locked up and authorities have reported record drug seizures.

Translation: Ten times as many drug "cartels" now exist. When the king pins were taken out many small splinter groups formed. Now there are more drug traffickers than ever before. If they are reporting record seizures then obviously their plan isn't working or there wouldn't be any drugs to seize.

Counternarcotics officials have been unable to explain why the fall in coca production over the past four years has not translated into a drop in the supply of cocaine.

Because neighboring countries Bolivia and Peru picked up the production.

Please contact your elected officials and tell them not to support Plan Colombia.

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