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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Update on My friend George Kelly

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Bump and Update:

I saw my friend George Kelly yesterday at the store. I was shocked that he made bail. He told me some of the details of his case and it is just AWFUL. George told me that he was pulled over for no reason.He told me that Officer Jay Turner never gave him a chance to get out of the vehicle but instead physically removed him. He said Officer Jay Turner asked him if he knew why he was stopped and George responded that he did not. Officer Turner then said "I pulled you over for fidgeting." George said "Since when is it illegal to fidget?" At this point Officer Turner began to conduct a search of the vehicle over George's objections. George told me he was made to stand at the back of his vehicle with his arms held out to the side while his truck was searched. After two searches of the vehicle turned up nothing Officer Turner walked up to George and snatched his pants and underware down. George says there were about 20 onlookers to this awful humiliation.
Officer Turner then asked him a second time if he knew why he was pulled over. George responded that he did not know. Officer Turner responded that it was because he had been seen leaving a known "drug house". George asked if anyone in that house had ever been arrested for drugs or if any drugs had ever been confiscated from there. Turner did not answer. And yet again a few minutes later Officer Turner asked George if he knew why he was pulled over. "No" said George. "I pulled you over because your tag light is out" responded Officer Turner.

I know Jay Turner well. He is a member of the Tallapoosa County Narcotics Task force and he testified against me in court. Officer Turner claimed in court that on the day of the raid on my home I arrived in the driveway mid-raid and that I exited my car, ran up the driveway screaming "It's mine, It's mine, I use it for medical reasons" and all of this before I knew why they were here or if anything had been found. What is really interesting is that I do not have any recollection of Officer Turner ever being at my home. What I do remember is having a conversation with another cop about insomnia. He had asked what herbs were good for that because he did not like prescription drugs and suffered with sleep problems. I named off a few that I had heard worked well. That was the only conversation about insomnia that took place in my yard that day. However, Jay Turner claims that I had this conversation with him and that I stated I used marijuana for insomnia. UNREAL!


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