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Thursday, November 18, 2004

School "lock-downs" and dog searches

This is an issue that has held my interest for almost two years now. It started when I first became involved in the Webster Alexander Case and subsequently the Goose Creek incident. I have followed many stories that involve undercover narc's in schools and the "prison style" lock-downs and dog searches. These quotes are from a story about a high school in Parkersburg, West Virgina

In many cases, police are disappointed when they don't find drugs during a search.

It opens with that line. Now why would police be disappointed when they DIDN'T find drugs? Hmmm....

The barking of the police dogs could be heard throughout the halls as the search was conducted. Students were locked-down in their classrooms because of the search and the last two periods of the school day were not held.

Barking of police dogs.....lock-down....students.....somehow those words do not go together properly

The dogs indicated the presence of narcotics in three book bags and 16 vehicles, said police. However, searches of the vehicles and backpacks did not produce any narcotics. Although no drugs were found in vehicles and backpacks singled out by the dogs, narcotics likely were present inside them at some point, Collins said. Otherwise, the dogs would not have "hit" on them, he said.

Collins said drug-sniffing dogs can detect the smallest presence of narcotics. Even if narcotics were kept in a vehicle or backpack for a short time and removed, the dogs still would detect the smell of the drugs, he said.

Look buddy YOUR DOGS are ZERO for 19....and yet the Supreme Court is considering letting you roam up and down the roads with them sniffing whatever you fancy.
That's just fucking great!

Most of the students whose vehicles or backpacks were singled out by the dogs gave police permission to search. In some cases, parents provided the consent. Collins said this often is an indicator that the person whose property is being searched has nothing to hide. Individuals who are reluctant to allow searches often are hiding something, he said.

So, invoking your 4th Amendment right as granted in the Bill of Rights is now "proof" that you have something to hide?

Children are being taught in public schools to piss in cups or give up other bodily fluids on demand, they are harassed with vicious police dogs, locked down in the "CLASSROOMS" and suspect if they speak out. Doesn't anyone see what this really is and what it is leading to?


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