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Friday, November 26, 2004

Canadians say "Let us smoke pot!"

The "REAL" Canadian Flag Posted by Hello
CANADIANS are smoking pot more than ever before and the majority want police and government to let the people indulge in peace.



  • Congratulations To The Canadians For Their Sense To Stand Up For Themselves And Take Action!

    The World Needs More Canadians, eh?!

    Seriously Though, I Hope That When George W. Bush Comes To Canada And Says He Represents Americans, Canadians Remember That We (The U.S.) Are Engaged In Mortal Combat With A Fierce Enemy (Guerilla Like In Tactics, Similar To The Vietnamese Who Kicked Our Asses Right Out Of Vietnam), And That Your Children Will Die For Oil Just Like Ours If You Believe What He Has To Say.

    Please Teach The People Of The Earth That The Greatest Power To Defend Ourselves From The Oil Wars Is This Simple Formula:


    Living Biomass Can Be Converted Into Fuel; Hemp Can Accomplish This On A Global Scale, And Is Crucial For Developing Nations To Move Into The New Age.

    To Manipulate World Markets For Profit And/Or Personal Gain At The Expense Of The Health And Well Being Of The World's Citizens Is A Criminal Act. Conspiracy, And Misconduct Resulting In The Unnecessary Death Of Even One Single Person Is Clearly Punishable By No Less Than Civil Judgment, And Survivors Due Compensatory Damages.

    My Friend Spent Almost Five Years In U.S. Federal Prison For Growing Medical Cannabis For Himself And Other Patients, Legitimately Under Our State "Law", The Law That Everyone Is Supposed To Obey, But Some Who Deceitfully Use Their Positions Of Authority Feel It Is Their Duty To Disobey.

    You Don't Have To Go To Iraq To See War...

    In America, We Still Have A War Myself And Many Others Are Forced Unwillingly To Be A Part Of Every Day, The War On Cannabis "Hemp" :(

    Keep Growing Canada, And Don't Ever Let Them Take It Away From You!

    And If 'They' Come For You, And Try Send You To 'Their' War, To Defend 'Their' Way Of Life, And 'They' Torture You And Persecute You For What You Believe, And The Truths You Expose; And 'They' Tell You It's Time To Pay Your Debt To Society, You Look 'Em Right In The Eyes, And You Say, "No Problem, The Check Is In The Mail."

    Peace :)

    By Blogger johnnyhempsmoker, at 8:43 PM  

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