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Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Art of Prohibition

Propaganda Czar  Posted by Hello
WASHINGTON The government hopes to win a battle against drugs and make the highways safer in a single effort.
Federal drug czar John Walters is launching a new campaign to keep teens from smoking pot and then getting behind the wheel.

According to surveys, teen-agers think smoking marijuana doesn't affect their ability to drive. But government experts say the illegal drug can impair drivers just as much as drinking alcohol.

One woman who used to smoke marijuana says she once totaled her mother's car while driving and trying to get high.

Well technically if she was "trying to get high" then she wasn't high therefore being high is not what caused the wreck. Besides, how many wrecks are caused by someone trying to light a cigarette? Talking on a cell phone? Fooling with the raido? Geting on to the kids on the back seat? The list of irresponsible things people do when driving that causes accidents is endless. But this isn't about personal responsibility.

Officials say they don't have concrete statistics on the number of crashes caused by marijuana use, but they feel certain that lives are at stake. And they say parents must be just as aware of the problem as their young drivers.

See, they fully admit there is not a problem, that they have no concrete evidence of this problem that they so desperately need to fix. They are using FEAR TACTICS to override logic. DON'T THINK...FEAR...
One of a parents worst fears is losing a child in a bloody and grisly car crash. They will do anything to prevent that....even things that won't do a damn bit of this. DON'T THINK....FEAR.... has been an ongoing theme. One other fear tactic they use is "If your pre-teen daughter smokes pot then she will get knocked up"....and just yesterday Mr. Walters JUST HAD to say marijuana and gonorrhea in the same sentence.

There is a saying that goes something like this...Prohibition is the art of looking for a problem, finding one, mis-diagnosing it and mis-applying the wrong solutions.


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