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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

SMOKE OUT on Parliament Hill

Candlelight Vigil on Parliament Hill Posted by Hello
Today President George W. Bush will visit Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Thought some of my site visitors might enjoy the live cam view of the Hill and the protest that will kick off later today.
UPDATE: is reporting clashes and riots between Canadian Police and Anti-Bush Protesters.
See the video here
There is more video available at the link.


  • My friend Tim in who heads up the Tennessee Marijuana Party just sent this update about his son and a friend being denied entry into Canada today.

    "It seems the Tennessee boys headed for Ottowa didn't make it. My son did find out that customs agents have cold hands, however.

    Don't have the full story yet, but they were strip-searched, the car was searched, and my digital camera was broken. They're on their way back home now, making a few stops to try and get some fun out of the trip. "

    I'll post updates as they become available and I plan to have both young men on the next edition of Pot TV News to tell about their experience.

    By Blogger Loretta Nall, at 10:18 AM  

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