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Monday, November 29, 2004

Pot TV News Nov. 29 w/Loretta Nall

Pot TV News Nov. 29 with Loretta Nall Posted by Hello
Supreme Court Hears Medical Marijuana Case TODAY!
Choose Your End of the Gun
The Totalatarian Drug War
Bush Asseses Plan Colombia
Bush Admin Launches "PLAN AFGHANISTAN"
Court Rules Cops can SHAVE You without CAUSE
Canadians Say "Let Us Smoke Pot in Peace"
Bend over, grab your ankles and prepare for DEEP INTEGRATION as BUSH INVADES CANADA


  • Great show as always. The war footage that you are useing shows two war crimes. As you most likely all ready know. The gun being used is a not alowed to be used on people. Trust me I know what a sounds like and the rate of fire. That is a machine gun. Seconed crime was shotting a nonthreat the gunner clearly stated the last man was wounded and he was given the comand to fire anyway.

    By Blogger Hounddog, at 5:48 PM  

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