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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"Cause it struck me strange"

MP5 Submachine Gun Posted by Hello

Apparently looking at a police officer in Gerogia in what he deems to be a "strange way" is cause enough to get out shot in the head twice with an MP5 9MM TACTICAL SUBMACHINE GUN. I was SHOCKED when I first heard this story about a year ago. How can CIVILIAN POLICE in a "FREE COUNTRY" carry SUBMACHINE GUNS? I am still shocked. As usual...the officer escapes any real penalty for taking an innocent mans life.

When at first no one else went to the right of the GMC Yukon, he did, reaching into the back seat and tugging on a weighty man in a black leather jacket. For a moment in the darkness of Interstate 185, they looked at each other, a glimpse Glisson thought strange. Then, after a burst from the lawman's submachine gun, Kenneth Walker, a man who uttered nothing, was dead.

Glisson was one of two officers carrying MP-5 submachine guns on the roadway that night. He came out of a squad car and headed for a Yukon that he believed contained four armed drug dealers from Florida. As he got close to the car, he yelled "Show me your hands," over and over again.

Glisson said it wasn't against protocol for him to be in close contact with a suspect even with the firepower he was carrying. "It's a proper technique," he said.

Inside the SUV was Walker.

"He kinda sat there," Glisson said, "and I said 'Show me your hands,' then 'Get out of the truck.'

Any of you who have been through the above know how scared you are in that situation and how rapid fire the commands and orders come at you. Some people just shut down, freeze....are in shock. What the hell is scientific or indictive of a crime about an officer being struck strange"? What degree of being " struck strange" is justification for shooting someone in the head twice? Is there a handbook of how not to STRIKE STRANGE a cop with a MP5 9MM SUBMACHINE GUN?

And the officers reason for killing Kenneth Walker

At that moment, the deputy and the suspect looked at one another. "This came to me later. I remember he turned and looked at me. And the reason I remembered it was 'cause it struck me strange."

Columbus,GA Police Dept. Specialized units


  • Just another example of why we need to disarm law enforcement in america.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:07 PM  

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