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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

President Carter's Grandson Busted for Pot

A teenage grandson of former President Jimmy Carter has been charged with burglary and possession of marijuana after police said he broke into a house.

Jeremy Carter, 17, also was charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol and was released Sunday on $11,500 bond.

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  • What the hell is it with any politician’s son or family think they are above the law. I would feel bad for the kid getting busted for weed, but he had alcohol and may have stolen something also.

    How the hell can the father says this "My son is innocent. This is ridiculous. He will be exonerated," Jeff Carter said Monday night.

    Sure we believe you, what an asshole that he thinks he is above the law just because he was the presidents son. I am sure he expected cops to let his son go uncharged because he thinks he is above the law, now he expects a judge to let his son off after cops did not listen. I mean we know they are treated better than normal people, but to come out with a comment like that is crazy. It's an insult to all us regular people. I hope they throw the book at the kid to make an example, but I doubt that will happen. That is half the problem with the USA, Cops and Government think they are above the law. They need to follow the same rules as the rest of us are expected to follow, and pay the price when they break the law just like any regular person.

    By Blogger HerbDR, at 8:32 AM  

  • As is often the case, the media has made many mistakes in this report. Jeremy was arrested in his home. He goes to school with my son. Does it not seem odd to you that he was stealing a "broken X box"? The media didn't report that this was co-owned by Jeremy and the other son. It also didn't report that Jeremy was a regular visitor at the home. There is something very fishy here. This seems to be more nefarious than what is reported. I"m not a democrat but I feel that in this case, he may very well be found innocent when the evidence is heard. Don't make up your mind to quickly out there.

    By Blogger Rodeo, at 11:21 PM  

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