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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bali girl's letter of defiance

GOLD Coast woman Schapelle Corby has written an emotion-filled letter to her mother from her Bali jail cell, saying she is determined to beat drug-smuggling charges.

The 27-year-old has been held in the Indonesian island's notorious Kerobokan prison since October, when she was arrested on her arrival in Bali with 4kg of marijuana in her bodyboard bag

"Mum, thank you so much for the support and strength you have shown me, thank you for all your love and care, I am your baby girl," she wrote.

"I know you would do anything possible to get me set free from here, to prove my innocence and bring me home where I belong with my family and friends.

"I do love you so much, I hope you know that you are in my thoughts each day when I wake, and each night to help me fall asleep.

"You have so much strength in you, your whole life you have pushed and proven how strong you are, no doubt that I have inherited such a respectful quality from you to get me through this."

Schapelle then jokingly pondered where she might have inherited her "bitchy streak" from, before saying she had to quickly finish the letter.

"This is our last day and I have to prepare myself for saying goodbye to you," she wrote. "I believe I will be coming home soon, I have too much support from so many people for the courts to convict and with such an absurd case. This is just so cruel that this is happening to me. Not just me but also painful to you and everyone in my family and everyone who knows me. I am sorry that you are being put through this pain. I love you . . . your daughter, Schapelle."


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