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Friday, February 11, 2005

Corby urges judge to view airport video footage

ABC News (Australia)

Gold Coast beauty student Schapelle Corby has made an emotional plea for judges in Bali to watch security pictures of when she was arrested for drug smuggling.

Prosecutors say Corby admitted owning 4.2 kilograms of marijuana found in her luggage at the Denpasar Airport last October.

The 27-year-old's lawyers have accused Indonesian customs officers of lying.

Corby faces a possible death penalty if found guilty. She maintains that the drugs were planted.

Corby broke down in court today and asked judges to take into account any security video that might exist.

The Chief Judge told the court he might consider the request if a tape is produced before Corby's next court appearance next Thursday.

Corby was arrested last year after Indonesian customs officials discovered the marijuana in her body board bag at Bali's international airport.

Customs officials, according to the indictment, say she admitted to owning the bag in which the drugs were found - that is the actual bag of drugs, not the body board bag - when presented with it by them.

Ms Corby has denied allegations made by customs officials.


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