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Friday, March 04, 2005

Police killed in Canada drug raid

Actually they were searching for stolen property but "drug raid" makes a more exciting story.

According to this article from CanWest News Service:

Mayerthorpe RCMP were called at 3:20 p.m. on Wednesday by an Edmonton bailiff trying to seize a 2005 Ford F350 truck on behalf of a car dealership, Kentwood Ford.

Martin and Const. Peter Schiemann drove to the farm, near Rochfort Bridge, about 110 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. The bailiff, parked on the road, told the officers a man had come out of a Quonset hut on the farm and shouted at him. He said the man released two "Rottweiler-type" dogs. Shortly afterward, the bailiff saw a white truck driving north across a field away from the farm.

After police arrived, the bailiff cut a lock on the farm gate, drove up to the Quonset hut and went inside. He came out a few minutes later and told the officers there were "several brand new trucks in pieces" inside the large, metal building, according to the warrant.

In his warrant application, Martin said he saw a newer Ford truck with the doors and interior removed. Police also found a Sierra truck with the identity numbers removed, and various fenders, bumpers, dashboards and new tires.

But the truth hasn't got a chance as most media outlets cannot pass up an opportunity to promote drug war hysteria.


  • People who really should know better seem to get carried away by their prejudices whenever Marijuana is found at a crime scene.

    With all the illogic on display, it is interesting how there were no parallel calls for longer sentences for dealing in stolen car parts. Longer sentences for stolen car parts would have done nothing to protect the officers nor would longer sentences for grow ops.

    13 years ago we in the U.S. were transfixed by the sick exploits of serial lust-killer Jeffery Dahmer. Dahmer did not grow pot (or steal trucks). Dahmer was a habitual drunkard. There were no calls for alcohol prohibition as a result. Dahmer himself was responsible for those murders.

    As the pro-legalization movement gathers momentum, it seems the anti-pot hysterics get ever more hysterical.


    By Anonymous zen4usa, at 4:41 AM  

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