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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Police raid ‘wrong’ address

By Peg Kenyon
Jacksonville Patriot

Jacksonville AR -Last week, local police officers initially raided the wrong ‘green’ house on the same street as opposed to the one targeted in their search warrant.

Police mistakenly entered the house located at 108 Overland Trail. On Tuesday afternoon, however, Martha Smith, the mother, objects to this scenario.

“You don’t make mistakes like that,” Smith told the Jacksonville Patriot. “We didn’t see no search warrant to hit this house.”

Her 29-year-old son, Brian Smith, who was outside the house when the raid took place said, “I had a gun put to my head.” According to Martha Smith, her 31-year-old son, Shawn Smith, was handcuffed and thrown to the ground.
During this police action, a “carport door” and an “inside bedroom door” were damaged, according to Jenkins. The woman also went to a medical facility following the raid.


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