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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Teen Tasered 16 Times For Choking on Sandwich


Davlantes: It was an evening last November. Jim was eating a sandwich at Sarah's house when he began to choke.

Bool: He wasn't comprehending what was going on.

Davlantes: Sarah and her mother, Mary Lou Bool, say Jim looked disoriented -- possibly from a lack of oxygen.

Davis: They had him hogtied, his hands and feet were tied together. His face was all red and swollen. His eyes were swollen shut. And he was just kind of like shaking back and forth trying to get loose. And then all these copper wires that were coming off his back, I had no clue what they were.

Davlantes: These documents obtained by Unit 5 show police tasered Jim 16 times in 12 minutes. This printout from the Taser's memory chip shows how many times it was fired and the duration of the electrical shocks.

Bower: One shot was 14 seconds and another one was 11. These are far longer than what's recommended.

Davlantes: And these records show he was Tasered inside the ambulance, even though the manufacturer says Tasers should not be used on someone in a medical emergency.

Stephen Bower: They also sprayed him in the face with pepper spray.


  • they have to be making this up,, even half witted moron cops dont do this,,or do they

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:32 PM  

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