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Saturday, April 02, 2005

16 students led away in handcuffs

By Jane Prendergast and Reid Forgrave
Enquirer staff writers

MIAMI TWP. (Ohio)- Milford High School took a high-profile step in an attempt to curb a drug problem, paying an undercover private investigator to conduct a seven-month investigation that ended Friday with 16 students arrested on charges of selling drugs.

The students - four of them 18 years old - were accused of selling marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, the stimulant Extacy and the prescription anti-seizure medication Klonopin to the female investigator who posed as a student.

The district paid the investigator's firm $60,000. School officials wondered whether anyone would question the expenditure, Miller said, but decided soon after the Friday morning bust that it was worth the money.

The undercover investigator, from a firm in Dayton, had posed as a student since August. She befriended students and attended their parties, but police emphasized she did not use the drugs.

One student suggested graduating seniors could protest at the school's May 28 graduation.

"This is going to ruin some of our friends' lives," said senior Amy Smith, 18. "If these students need help, there's better ways. If a statement was trying to be made, it was made. Congratulations."


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