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Monday, April 11, 2005

Cannabis grandma to attempt to oust Hain as MP for Neath

Steven Morris
Monday April 11, 2005
The Guardian

UK - Grandmother Patricia Tabram will be leaving her council bungalow in rural Northumberland this week to head for the hurly-burly of a general election campaign, though minus the cannabis-laced treats which landed her in front of a judge.

Mrs Tabram, who received a six-month suspended jail sentence on Friday for cooking cakes, casseroles and soups pepped up with the drug for friends, revealed yesterday that she was going to take on the secretary of state for Wales, Peter Hain, in his Neath constituency.

The 66-year-old pensioner said she was determined to use her new-found fame to campaign for the legalisation of cannabis and to expose the dangers of mainstream medicine.

She said: "It's not going to be easy. I'm a pensioner without much money but I'm hoping to make my points loudly and clearly."

The greying and bespectacled Mrs Tabram, from Hexham, said: "I think I can get votes. People are fed up with having unnatural medicine pushed upon them by the government."


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