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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Keep off the grass

Richard Vokey

Got a drug problem? Blame it on "BC Bud.''

Everybody else does.

In 10 years this super-potent hydroponically produced brand of cannabis has transformed Canada's westernmost province from a land known mostly for frequent appearances in the pages of National Geographic into the main purveyor to the United States of what White House drug czar John Walters calls "the crack of marijuana.''

So explosively has the drug trade grown that marijuana is now not only British Columbia's biggest agricultural export but also that of Canada's, outstripping beef cattle and wheat.


  • It would be so nice if all these silly people who are fretting that BC Bud and Bubblehash are so strong that they are "dangerously addictive" and "pose a threat to public health and safety" would just loosen up and smoke some of the stuff and see for themselves. What? No craving or addiction after all? Well duh, idiots, isn't that what scientists have been saying for 70 g**d**mn years?

    BC Bud is some really fine weed, and it is pretty potent, but it is still just pot and it is still much less incapacitating than alcohol. Even the "hippy crack" bubble hash is much less incapacitating than alcohol. A person "stoned" on BC Bud or hash is still more functional than than some poor brainwashed "law abiding" fool drunk on alcohol.

    BC Bud? Fine tasting, pleasant and very enjoyable with no hangover, no bitchiness, no irritability, no inclination to violence and no addiction. Truly one of God's (and Canada's) better ideas.

    Right now I'm enjoying some fine BC NLxBlueberry and I'll take that over nasty suds or booze any day.

    Now if we can just get all those cruel, contemptuous, cold-hearted, evil-minded, ignorant, pot-hating "mistakes" out of public office ASAP!!

    Anonymous Oppressed Weed Loving Hard Working Tax Paying Patriotic American.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:28 AM  

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