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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Alcohol Legalization Debate in Jackson County Alabama

Jackson to vote on legalization of alcohol sales

JACKSON, Ala. (AP) -- Jackson will vote Tuesday on whether to lift the ban on alcohol sales, capping a divisive debate in the paper mill city of about 5,400.

Some churches have aired radio commercials critical of the Jackson City Council for backing the measure, while legalization supporters have taken out their own advertisements in the local newspaper.

Jackson residents must currently drive to Mobile or Choctaw counties to legally purchase alcoholic beverages.

Legalization proponents argue that alcohol sales will generate more money for the city and help its economy.

Opponents say more police services will be needed - and any money made from liquor sales won't cover them. Many have also presented moral arguments against legalization.

But Jackson Police Chief Charles Burge said he doubts that lifting the ban would increase the crime rate.

"I think we'll have more control," Burge said.

Many residents point out that alcohol is already present in the city - shown by drunk driving and liquor transportation arrests.

"You're voting for the legal sale of liquor, or you're voting for the bootleggers," resident Kenneth Newman said.


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