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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Family Of Brain Dead Inmate Investigate Excessive Force By Police

A comment posted to this site by the brother of the police beating victim:

There is no way in hell they did not know MY BROTHER was injured. I saw him a few hours after this happened and he was beaten, bloodied, swollen and bruised from head to toe, literally. ALSO, they did not "realize that he was in medical distress" when he arrived at the hospital. They put him in a holding area at the hospital and a nurse passing by noticed he wasn't breathing and started CPR. They left him there hog tied in hand cuffs behind his back on his face to die.

If they treated an animal as badly as they treated my brother they would be in JAIL! It truly amazes how we live in a society that deals out harder punishment for animal cruelty then human cruelty. What they are doing here in the US to inmates is 100 times worse then what they did to the Iraqi prisoners. When are we going to see some justice dealt to these power hungry law enforcement officers who are getting away with murder, literally in some cases????


  • The photo at the top of this article is not the correct one. Also there is video at If you search John Laughon you will find the archived video on Fox 30 News with my mother and our attorney.

    By Blogger Val, at 3:19 PM  

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