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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

More Double Standards

US MS: Police Intend To Pursue Facts 'Vigorously'


Chief: Officer's Breach Of Public Trust Affects All

Biloxi police officers, stunned by a co-worker's arrest on Ecstasy charges, will keep their chins up and hope they're not judged for his alleged mistake, said Police Chief Bruce Dunagan.

The arrest Thursday of K-9 Officer Darrell D. Cvitanovich Jr. casts a cloud of suspicion not only on the Biloxi Police Department, but on law enforcement officers nationwide, said Dunagan.

News of the 14-year officer's arrest came while police officials from around the state were in Biloxi for a training conference of the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police. Part of the training involved professional standards and discipline of officers who fall short.

"Like in any other profession, people are human and the vast majority are good citizens. Our men and women are professionals and well-trained," said Dunagan.
How come this mentality is adopted when it is a police officer breaking the law and not an ordinary citizen. Citizen Joe Blow who is caught with Ecstacy or any other illicit drug is made to look like scum of the earth by the police and the media.

Cvitanovich was off duty when an alleged drug sale took place, said Pope.

"We tried to defuse the situation as best we could," said Pope. "We knew he was armed by virtue of being a police officer. We knew he had weapons in the house. We knew he had a $10,000 canine trained to respond to aggression.

"His dog was in a kennel in the back yard. But we didn't just go busting in on him. That would have been inviting trouble."

Here again you have the application of DOUBLE STANDARDS. Police had no problem Shooting Other Dogs and people and inviting trouble during other raids where the suspect was likely armed.



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