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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rene Boje Ordered Back to US to Stand Trial

Rene and Family Posted by Hello

Please see this thread at the Cannabis Culture Forums for the latest information from Chris and Rene.

What an absolute nightmare for this young mother and wife. Ripped from her baby who is still nursing and who loves his mommy very much. Ordered into the hands of murderers to stand trial for being a compassionate human being.

We Miss You, Peter McWilliams
by James Leroy Wilson

Peter McWilliams himself said it best, in an interview in the autumn of 1999:

We are so far away from what the constitution was written as, we as well just tear the whole thing up. It's a sham. It's ridiculous. The constitution was based upon the fact the federal government had exceedingly limited powers. It was only allowed to do eighteen very limited things – the enumerated powers, period. And everything else belonged to the states and the individuals to regulate.

Now it's become such that if the constitution doesn't specifically guarantee you can have it, it's okay for the government to regulate it or make laws against it. That is putting the constitution on its head. It's like saying, if a woman doesn't carry a sign on her back that says you can not rape me, she has permission to be raped. It is that. And boy, has lady liberty been raped – repeatedly.


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