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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Senator Specter May Introduce Med MJ Legislation in the Senate

Arlen Specter says he "may introduce legislation" in the Senate in favor of medical marijuana.

The U.S. senator, who has long supported the use of human stem cells for disease research, told Your Humble Narrator yesterday that he's in favor of a state's right to decide whether to allow its doctors to prescribe marijuana.

Specter himself, who is battling Hodgkin's disease, could be a candidate for medical marijuana use.

The Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that federal agents could arrest people who use doctor-prescribed marijuana in states that have authorized it, including California and Oregon.

Medical research has proven the drug successful in reducing pain and nausea in people with cancer and other diseases.

Specter's remarks to the Daily News came before a speech at the Loews Hotel (12th & Market), where he was honored by the Philadelphia Bar Association.

He vowed during his speech to beat his cancer. His spirits were up, and he joked several times about the Bar Association medal, which disappeared after rolling under a row of tables when it was to be handed to him.

The medal was later found by a Loews staffer and Bar Association Chancellor Andrew Chirls presented it to Specter, none the worse for wear.


  • My li'l message to Mr. Specter:

    Good for you, sir! I'm so glad to hear you may be introducing medical marijuana legislation in the senate. Countless numbers of people would benefit if given the option of using one of nature's safest and most healing plants. God bless you for your common sense and courage.

    Vancouver, BC

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:40 PM  

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