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Saturday, July 23, 2005

DA reveals Mardis stuffed cash in pants

By Dan Bledsoe
The Orange Leader

TX - For Steve Mardis, the temptation of a large bundle of money was just too tough to pass up.

The 50-year-old narcotics lieutenant with the Orange County Sheriff's Office plead guilty to felony theft for taking a bundle of $5,000 and stuffing it down his pants while deputies were removing money from hidden compartments of a vehicle during a June 14 drug bust, according to Orange County District Attorney John Kimbrough.

The new details in the case, which ended Thursday after Mardis turned himself in and was given a six-year probated prison sentence, came about Friday in a news release from Kimbrough's office.

In addition to having to serve six years probation, Mardis was ordered to pay a fine of $5,000, the same amount he stole. Mardis was indicted by an Orange County grand jury Wednesday.

According to the release, Mardis put the money back prior to an official count at a bank.

During a June 21 news conference, Sheriff Mike White announced his decision to fire Mardis after his office was reviewing tapes of the drug raid the next day.


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