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Thursday, August 04, 2005

A Big Drug Party

Slate - Aug 2, 2005

Cheap cocaine on the way, thanks to a new Colombian law.

In preparation for getting in on the deal, the drug lords seem to be emptying out their warehouses—selling off stockpiles of cocaine so they have enough cash on hand to go legit for a few years without giving up their fabulous wealth and swank lifestyles. These stockpiles, by all accounts, are massive.

They have allowed traffickers to insulate their business and maintain a steady flow of imports to the United States and Europe regardless of how many coca plants South American soldiers and American defense contractors are killing with machetes and herbicide at any given time.

On a recent visit to Bolivia, the head of South America operations for the U.S. Agency for International Development said that traffickers have so much cocaine on hand they could keep exports constant for a year and a half even if production stopped altogether.

They are letting the right wing paramilitary drug lords off while focusing the war on the left-wing FARC.

Bush and Uribe hole up in Crawford - "They're terrorists and they're killers and they will kill innocent they can impose their dark vision on the world," Bush said as he stood alongside Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

FARC Ambush Rap - Real Player file
I don't know what this guy is saying but he seems pretty passionate about it.

Steve Earl Copperhead Road - MP3
I know exactly what this guy is saying.


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