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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Loretta Nall Needs Your Help

Marc Emery & Loretta Nall in Ottawa June 2004

Dear Supporters,

The marijuana reform community is under attack!!!

As most of you are well aware by now Marc Emery, Canada's "Prince of Pot" was arrested, jailed and had his home and businesses raided on July 29th, 2005. He and two of his employees now face extradition to the United States to stand trial for shipping marijuana seeds across the border.

Our government was behind the order to arrest Marc. You can view the search warrant here.

At a time when Osama bin Laden is still hiding in a cave in Afghanistan, when we have 2000 soldiers dead in Iraq and more dying everyday with no end in sight, when our country houses 2.5 million prisoners, when the whole country and even Congress are blasting the ONDCP because they have used their $11 billion budget to target pot smokers while meth has run rampant we somehow find the resources to invade our sister country to the North and enforce our draconian drug laws on her citizens over some pot seeds.

This action would not be justifiable even if our drug policies were working but to force another country to abide by US laws that have failed miserably and have caused untold societal damage and erosion of our constitutional rights and civil liberties defies all logic.

Is it any wonder that people all around the world sit and plot our destruction? It is this very kind of "Imperialist Intervention" into the affairs of other countries that causes Americans to be targets of "terrorists". And until we as Americans take a strong stand against it we will never be safe in this country again...nor do we really deserve to be.

I have worked for Marc Emery via Pot TV and Cannabis Culture Magazine for almost three years now. In those three years I have traveled the US, Canada and even Colombia, South America studying the negative impact of the US drug war.

I have helped to save kids like Webster Alexander from many years in an Alabama prison after he was entrapped by an undercover narc posing as a student at his Alabama high school.

I traveled to Goose Creek, South Carolina after gun wielding cops stormed a high school and brutalized and terrified young kids in their search for pot.

I have traveled to Palm Beach, Florida after police posed as students in 5 high schools and arrested 23 children for selling dime bags to each other then charged them all as adults with each facing 15 years.

I have braved days in the jungles of Colombia, South America arguably the most dangerous place on earth in order to bear witness to the destruction of US Plan Colombia.

I have protested in front of the Federal Court Building in Washington DC on behalf of Jonathan Magbie a quadriplegic medical marijuana patient who drown in his own fluids after being sentenced to 10 days in a DC jail for simple possession and his truthful statement to Judge Judith Retchin that it was the only medicine that made his life bearable and that he would not stop.

I have produced videos for Pot TV including hosting the Pot TV News for 18 months.

I have lobbied my congressmen for drug policy reform.

And not least of all I have helped to get a medical marijuana bill introduced in Alabama.

The list of things I have done over the last three years is too long for this letter. You can Google Me if you wish to learn more about my work.

Marc provided all that I needed to fight from the very worst state in the US as far as drug policy is concerned and to travel to other places and encourage people to stand for their rights and fight back against these insane laws.

With his arrest and the seizing of his assets I find myself without any income at all. In fact I am now in possession of $160 with nothing else coming in until I find a job.

My first priority is feeding my children. It is true that I could go to the food stamp office and beg the gov'ment for help but, don't you know the government that I have railed against and fought against and spoke against would love to see me come crawling through the door begging for a handout?
Yes indeed I would rather starve than succumb to that sort of humiliation and submission to Uncle Sam.

Without help from the drug policy reform community and from supporters of this movement my voice will soon go silent.

Don't let the US Government win this battle.
Please help a sister out if you can. I find it humiliating to have to ask for money from anyone but faced with the prospect of food stamps from Uncle Sam or swallowing my pride and asking for $5 from my friends I have chosen the latter.

Please help me if you can.

Donations can be made through PayPal using the link at the top of the page.

Or if you would prefer to use regular mail please send to
Loretta Nall
108 Calhoun Rd
Apt. B
Montgomery AL 36109


Loretta Nall


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