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Friday, August 12, 2005

Bush rejects mother's Iraq plea


President George Bush has said he "sympathised" with the mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq but refused to heed her call to pull out the troops.

Speaking from his Texas ranch where Cindy Sheehan has been holding a roadside protest, Mr Bush said withdrawing would be a "mistake".

Ms Sheehan is vowing to remain until she gets to speak to the president about his justification for the war.

Dozens of well-wishers have turned out to join her demonstration.

Weather in Crawford,TX.

Businesses in Crawford

Send Cindy a Pizza

A place in Waco that caters.

Cindy Sheehan Archives at Lew Rockwell.

Crawford on TerraServer

Mike (in Tokyo) Rogers heads to Crawford and provides us with the address and phone number to use in sending items to the protest.