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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Home of 'Weedman' attracts graffiti; he says it's a bias crime

August 25, 2005

PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- Pro-marijuana activist and perpetual underdog political candidate Edward Forchion, who once tried to get his legal name changed to NJ Weedman, said he woke up Thursday morning to find his home vandalized.

Forchion said he found a 6-foot cross and the words "Get Jesus" in black paint on his house in the Browns Mills section of the township.

Burlington County First Assistant Prosecutor Raymond E. Milavsky said Thursday that his office was investigating the case as a bias crime _ or one committed because of the victim's race, ethnicity or religion.

Forchion said the sentiment painted on his house might be a reaction to something he wrote on his Web site: "The U.S. marijuana laws are based on ridiculous Christian Superstitions that claim the herb is sinful, when infact it is one of the greatest natural herbs on the face of the planet."

Forchion said that lately he has quieted his activism _ which has previously included smoking marijuana at the Statehouse and in front of the Liberty Bell. "I said I was going to take a low profile because of the things that happen to me," he said.


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