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Friday, September 16, 2005

Police: Man Tried To Distract Drug Dog With Biscuits

WABASH, Ind. -- A Kansas man faces drug charges, accused by police of trying to distract a drug dog by throwing dog biscuits out of his car window.

Indiana State Police said Jong H. Kim, 23, of Overland Park, Kan., was stopped on Wednesday for speeding.

Police said Kim was uncooperative, nervous and vomiting. When a drug dog arrived at the scene, police said Kim tossed debris and dog biscuits toward the dog in an apparent attempt to distract the K-9.

The dog alerted police to the possible presence of drugs in Kim's car.

Police said they removed Kim from the vehicle by force and conducted a search.

Officials said they uncovered about 75 grams of marijuana hidden in the vehicle and that Kim also had marijuana in his system.

Kim was charged with possession of marijuana, resisting law enforcement and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.


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