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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A True American Patriot!

Claire Wolfe has a fantastic post on her BLOG today from Liz Michael who, after reading this post, strikes me as a True American Patriot.

I do wonder how it is that she is able to post this and avoid the gestapo showing up at her door????
Perhaps they do not come because they know she will shoot?

(disclaimer (borrowed from Claire's site): Public proclamations of intent, however, are another matter. Neither Ms. Michael nor I have picked up arms and marched off to follow Ms. Michael's advice. I don't intend to die today unless the battle comes to me.

Here is an excerpt from Liz's site:


"They Shot the Bastards!!!"

"Gee, she sounds like a radical" you say. And I suppose I am. But what example am I following? The example of the American Revolution. Beyond all the flowery words, beyond the toil and struggle to build a constitution, beyond the love of liberty, the longing for religious freedom, the spiffy tri-corner hats, everybody forgets the one thing that both initiated, and finished, the American Revolution. That rather inconvenient, for many, fact. That fact that makes the modern devotees of Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi squeamish. What fact? This fact.


Let me repeat that for effect. When the Founding Fathers set upon establishing a free republic, the first order of business was...


When the English general demanded that the colonials turn over their flintlocks, what was the response of the colonials?


Every July 4th. We celebrate the fact that THEY SHOT THE BASTARDS!!! Every Veteran's Day. Every Memorial Day. Yes, we honor the troops. But what do we honor the troops for? We honor them because THEY SHOT THE BASTARDS and often died TRYING to shoot the bastards! Every time you sing "The Star Spangled Banner", you celebrate the anniversary of your forebears SHOOTING THE BASTARDS!!!

Obviously all this talk about "shooting the bastards" make the people who have BECOME the bastards, very nervous. Well, as Thomas Jefferson, that wild eyed radical, said, "When the government FEARS the People, there is liberty, but when the People fear the government, there is tyranny." I frankly am sick of the tyranny, and am up for a little liberty... actually, a lot of it. How about y'all?



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