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Monday, October 03, 2005

Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore to Run for Gov. of Alabama

Ousted Alabama chief justice to run for governor

Associated Press Writer
Montgomery Advertiser

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) -- Ousted Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore announced his candidacy for governor Monday, likely setting up a showdown with Republican incumbent Bob Riley and turning Moore's Ten Commandments fight into a political campaign issue.

Moore made the announcement in Gadsden, where he first gained national recognition as a circuit judge fighting to keep a homemade plaque of the Ten Commandments displayed in his courtroom.


WSFA Channel 12 out of Montgomery has posted Moore's platform.

Return Alabama To The People

1. Legislative reform - Stop power of special interest lobbyists and return control of government to the people of Alabama.

* Term Limits. No legislator should be allowed to serve 3 consecutive terms in the same office, a provision already in effect for other constitutional officers.
* Fewer Legislative Sessions. The Alabama legislature should hold regular sessions every other year, as it has done during three periods of our history.
* "Double-Dipping." Iron-clad legislation to stop the unethical practice of legislators holding two state positions for profit, making them taxpayer-paid lobbyists for special interests.

2. Education - Recognize freedom in education and return control of education to the parents.

* Eliminate education bureaucracy and control of special interest labor union bosses.
* Explore enhancements to the public education system such as: charter schools, private tax credits, (SGO) scholarships granting organizations, etc.

3. Taxation and wasteful government spending - Restore a conservative philosophy of government.

* Just say "No" to irresponsible taxes like the "largest tax increase in history" recently proposed by the current administration.
* Revoke order mandating annual reappraisals of property which result in increased taxes every year.
* Stop "pork barrel" spending by strengthening the Governor's veto power.

4. Illegal aliens - Secure Alabama citizenship.

* Urge the President and U.S. Congress to close U.S. borders to illegal entry.
* Effective legislation to impose fines and penalties on those who employ illegal aliens for their own profit.

5. Morality - Preserve our moral heritage.

* Defend the right of every person to include teachers, judges, and state, county and municipal offices to publicly acknowledge God as the moral foundation of law, liberty, and government.
* Oppose gambling, pornography, and same-sex marriage.
* Secure God-given inalienable rights of life, liberty, and property.


Commitment to the People of Alabama
I hereby pledge to uphold and support the principles set forth
in the above platform, Return Alabama,
when elected to the office of Governor.
So help me God!
signed Roy Moore


  • It is so interesting to see how very illogical some of these evangelical political types can appear when they make statements about publicly acknowledging God (actually their "God") as the source of "morals" and "government". It seems this particular candidate would not give God credit for having anything to do with nature, plant life, agriculture, love or pleasure. I suspect he would tell us that Satan created all that this particular candidate does not understand or agree with. Could he tell us with a straight face that SATAN created nature, plant life, agriculture, love and pleasure?

    We have enough self-righteous idiots in charge. Get them out and put someone with some intelligence and some humanity in their place.

    I am so glad to see that Loretta Nall is offering herself as an intelligent and humane alternative to the voters of Alabama.

    By Blogger zen4usa, at 6:22 PM  

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