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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Zealand Nut-Stompers

Police say force not excessive in testicle case

By Nicola Boyes
New Zealand Herald

Police officers being sued for allegedly brutalising an Auckland man during an arrest which led to his losing his left testicle say they did not use excessive force.

Paul Pure is suing Rupert Friend, Aaron George, Michael Carter, Stephen Bass and the Attorney-General, alleging the constables used excessive force when they arrested him at the Manurewa home of his estranged wife, Grace, on August 12, 2000.

Mr Pure says the officers pepper-sprayed him, beat him about the head and shoulders with a torch and tied his hands and feet before dragging him out and dumping him on the concrete, where he was kicked in the groin by one officer.

He was taken to the Papakura police station where he says he was hosed down in the detoxification cell while officers laughed at him.

His left testicle swelled and was eventually removed after a clot formed.


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