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Monday, December 05, 2005

Homeowner accuses state police of excessive force; police say force justified

By: Todd Dukart

An Albuquerque man says state police used too much force as they searched his home, but police are defending their use of force.

Santiago Herrera wasn’t home when state police broke in to search for stolen property, but he claims they shot their way through his doors.

“Not even where the lock is at, they were shooting holes through the middle of the door,” he said.

Police say they didn’t shoot, but had to use a controlled explosion to get in.

“There was not a response after the police presence was announced,” said Lt. Jimmy Glascock, state police spokesperson. “It was necessary for the tactical team to use a breaching device to force their way through that door into the residence.”

Glascock says the search was lawful, but police didn’t find what they were looking for.

He says police searched several homes by warrant or permission. Glascock denied that police roughed anybody up, but they had to use extra caution: “The officers had good information that indicated that there was an increased propensity for violence there due to the residents and some of the individuals that frequented the residences or resided there.”

Some of the people whose homes were raided say they plan to sue the state for damages.

Another resident says police shot and killed her dog, but Glascock says that dog attacked a police dog.


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