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Friday, December 02, 2005

Teacher charged with growing marijuana


TULSA, Okla. -- A Broken Arrow elementary school teacher and her youth counselor husband are facing four drug counts in connection with an indoor marijuana growing operation.

Thirty-three-year-old Becky Ann Meador and 35-year-old Robert Lee Meador were charged yesterday in Tulsa County District Court.

The couple were arrested after a search by Broken Arrow police reportedly turned up 33 adult marijuana plants and 13 smaller plants under grow-lights with irrigation and plant food on their property. Police also found allucinogenic mushrooms, several weapons and assorted paraphernalia.

Becky Meador was named Teacher of the Year at Park Lane Elementary School just last month.

Robert Meador has worked for the Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health System for several years as a counselor treating children and teenagers with emotional and behavioral problems on an outpatient basis.

Oklahoma is a very, very bad place to grow pot.

another version of the story:
Touted teacher, husband facing multiple charges
By Chad Previch
The Oklahoman

BROKEN ARROW — An elementary teacher and a youth counselor were charged Wednesday with four drug counts involving marijuana found on their property.

Rebecca Ann Meador, a fifth-grade teacher at Park Lane Elementary School in Broken Arrow, and her husband, Robert Lee Meador, a counselor at Shadow Mountain Behavior Health System in Tulsa, surrendered to police after a search warrant was served at their property.

They were charged with cultivation of marijuana, unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to obtain a drug tax stamp.

Acting on a tip, police searched their house about 8 p.m. Nov. 23.

Police found 33 mature marijuana plants — all taller than 6 feet — in a backyard shed, said Broken Arrow police Maj. Mark Irwin, who heads special investigations. Police also recovered 16 saplings, a half-pound of the drug, growing lights, pipes, growing books and magazines, nine assault rifles and two handguns.

The couple were not home during the search, but the next morning, Robert Meador, 35, surrendered to police. Rebecca Meador, 33, surrendered Monday.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Rebecca Meador was being held in the Tulsa County jail in lieu of $13,750 bail.

Keith Isbell, spokesman for Broken Arrow Public Schools, said the teacher was last in school Nov. 22. She was suspended Wednesday with pay pending her case’s outcome.

She has taught in the system for four years and her annual salary is $34,812.40.

Rebecca Meador recently was selected as the school’s teacher of the year and was in the running with 23 others for district teacher of the year.

District teachers don’t take drug tests upon hiring, Isbell said.

Robert Meador posted $13,750 bail Monday. Elicia Bunch, health system associate administrator, said the counselor, who had four years’ experience there, was suspended last week without pay.

He worked with children and adolescents showing emotional and behavior problems, Bunch said.

Broken Arrow police said the couple had no previous criminal record.

More harm inflicted, more lives reduced to collateral damage in the WOD.


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