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Saturday, December 31, 2005

No reason to suffer

The following letter appeared in the Birmingham News today. My response follows.

Where does the government get the idea it has the right to know what prescriptions my doctor prescribes for me? As a sufferer of chronic pain, I have taken many of the drugs listed in a recent article in The News. There are more I haven't taken because of government interference with a doctor's ability to "doctor" his patients.

The government has scared most physicians away from treating pain. There is no reason for any person in America to suffer pain. The medications are there to alleviate pain. But doctors fear the government questioning their writing of prescriptions. The government may not question many at all, but what doctor wants to take time out of his day to answer questions?

The death of one diminishes us all. But there will always be death among us. That will include young people who do a stupid thing like shooting up OxyContin. We can't eliminate the curiosity factor from life. To infringe on the rights and privacy of citizens of this state and country in a futile attempt to do so is exactly the reason our Founding Fathers gave us our Constitution as written. I, for one, feel we have given up far too many rights in our government's "war on drugs."

Michael D. Williams

Dear Editor,

Recently letter-writer Michael D. Williams asked, " Where does the government get the idea it has the right to know what prescriptions my doctor prescribes for me?" ("No reason to suffer" 12/31/05)

The government got that idea from the "war on some drugs", which has raged UNCHECKED on the American people for decades.

Because of the drug war our constitutional rights and civil liberties are gone.

Parental rights are gone.

Our children are indoctrinated in the public schools to pee in a cup on demand for "the authorities", have their private parts sniffed by vicious dogs and to snitch on their parents and classmates.

The Fourth Amendment is gone.

The Supreme Court has ruled that we are all subject to humiliating warrantless searches of our most private parts by police dogs anytime, anywhere.

It appears the drug war chickens have come home to roost, as some of us always knew they would, and now every American citizen, as opposed to only those who might be using illicit drugs, is a target in the drug war.

The government has NO BUSINESS in our bladders or those of our children. Considering their dismal failure at "correcting drug users" (see prison crisis) I believe they are about the last ones I'd want involved if I thought my child was using drugs.

They have NO AUTHORITY to sic their dogs on us...last time I checked this was not Nazi Germany.

They have NO BUSINESS deciding how much medication a doctor should prescribe for patients...they don't have medical degrees.

If elected Governor of Alabama I vow to kick the D.E.A. out of this state and to restore and protect all constitutional rights and civil liberties which are the birthright of every Alabama citizen.
Respectfully Submitted,

Loretta Nall
Alabama Gubernatorial candidate
Vote Nall Y'all...It's Just Common Sense


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