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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jailer fired after allowing inmate sex in jail office

Darrell Todd Maurina
Waynesville Daily Guide, MO

According to Pulaski County Sheriff J.B. King, one of his jailers was fired after admitting that he allowed an inmate to have sexual relations with his girlfriend in a records room adjacent to the jail office.

While some states allow conjugal visits for inmates under certain conditions, King said he didn’t believe Missouri statutes would have permitted him to allow a visit involving sexual relations even if the inmate had requested such a visit.

King said he normally allows visits between inmates and guests in a “phone booth” style enclosure where inmates are barred from any form of physical contact with their visitor. While contact visits are allowed, they’re rare, and only under strict supervision to prevent the visitor from passing contraband to the inmate.

That’s where the jailer violated policy, King said.

“She could have given him an AK-47, sticks of explosive, or 300 pounds of oxycotin,” King said. “It’s a total breach of security.”


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