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Friday, January 13, 2006

Sophisticated marijuana growing operation busted


Marshall County broke up a sophisticated marijuana growing operation.

The Marshall County Drug Enforcement Unit, with the help of surrounding agencies, busted the marijuana growing operation at a home on Brashers Chapel Road in Guntersville.

Commander Ricky Phillips says a pool house was turned into a pot house.

Brian and Elizabeth Black were arrested and charged with manufacturing a controlled substance.

Commander Phillips says the growing system was complete with a watering and lighting system.

He says the lights were set up on tracks to simulate the sun rising and setting.

"It was a pretty elaborate operation they had set up there. Probably the most sophisticated we've seen in a long time here in Marshall County. We've had a couple of other instances. But they really don't measure up or add up to what we found there," says Commander Phillips.

There were 2 children who lived in the home. They were turned over to DHR.

I hope the DHR enjoys the bounty they get paid for kidnapping these children.


  • I am the person in this article. We had no other drugs in the house and DHR returned our children after we posted bail as they were in no danger and completely healthy and well cared for. The DHR person said we will not even open a case on you because there is no reason to do so. I have since pleaded guilty and been placed in a drug court situation where I must attend NA meetings and Outpatient Drug treatment. I now am forced to associate with drug dealers and Meth heads, which is the reason that I was growing my own pot in the first place. But everything seems to be getting better. 11 months left and I will be able to move and smoke again..

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:46 AM  

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