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Monday, May 15, 2006

Abuse-prone Americans don't need legal marijuana

Gregg Weedon
Letter to the editor
The Free Lance-Star, VA

This is in response to Kirk Muse's letter ["Czech this out: Marijuana use does not ruin a society," May 8].

Do we not have enough people being injured and killed due to alcohol-related accidents? I believe so, but I don't think Mr. Muse does.

He and others who support marijuana legalization seem to think we need to add another mind-altering substance that would inevitably lead to even more problems on our roads and more substance abuse.

We as a society tend to abuse a lot. We have child abuse, substance abuse, food abuse, and we're currently reeling from our abuse of natural resources.

Why would we exert so much control with marijuana? I fail to see that we would. It would be just another crutch for people to use in order to escape responsibility and fail the people who depend on them.

And it's pointless to compare the U.S. to the Czech Republic. They are two totally different cultures developed over time under very different conditions.

It's apples versus oranges. If you edit enough information, you can always whittle it down to what you want to read or hear. But that doesn't tell the whole story.

If Mr. Muse's argument is that marijuana is not such a big deal, then why are some people so hell-bent on having it legalized?

Gregg Weedon


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