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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Soft Drugs With Hard Consequences

Deutsche Welle, Germany

Sebastian is a 36-year-old sitting down to lunch in a popular restaurant in Cologne. He lights up a joint, as he puts it, "to relax from work." The restaurant is in a hip part of town, so he says no one even notices his pot-smoking. "I don't look like a junkie hanging around the train station," he says.

Erkan is 24 years old, tall and athletic. He is a car salesman, loves to play soccer and has been a regular marihuana-smoker for years. He does not believe he is addicted: "You can't get addicted to smoking pot as long as you exercise enough. Having a proper job keeps you from getting addicted, too." He believes only people who do not make the most out of their lives become addicted to drugs.

I'm glad this scientist fellow is hard at work keeping the pot crop clean and healthy, but shouldn't he be wearing a hair-net? It's always annoying when you find those scientist-beard-hairs in your bag.


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