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Friday, May 12, 2006

Man may go to prison for eating pot brownies

Stockton Record, CA

SACRAMENTO - A minor player snagged in a federal corruption scandal that brought down several San Joaquin County officials could go to prison for eating brownies made with marijuana, according to a probation report filed in federal court.

J. Tyler Reves, 37, avoided prison time when he pleaded guilty in January 2005 for his part in the scandal involving his boss, former county Supervisor Lynn Bedford, then-Sheriff Baxter Dunn and former lawman Monte McFall.

McFall, Dunn and state official N. Allen Sawyer stood to make $2 million if they successfully lobbied for a power plant to be built at the Port of Stockton. The power plant was never built.

Reves pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, which landed him eight months on home detention and five years of probation. Under the terms of his probation, Reves was to stay away from illicit drugs.

But in February and March, he failed five urine tests, testing positive each time for marijuana, according to a probation report filed this week with U.S. District Judge Morrison C. England Jr. in Sacramento.

Reves will also have to explain in a June 20 appearance before England further allegations that he missed four other drug tests and failed to pay a $100 fine, part of England's original sentence.

Probation officers said in the report that Reves has refused to take responsibility for the marijuana accusation. He submitted a letter written by one of his three daughters that claimed she made "pot-laced" brownies and fed them to him without his knowledge. The girl's age was not included in the report.


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